Interview with who? - Azazel the unleavened part 2

What have you actually coded?
The slightly infamous Algernon the Mole. :) There is most of an area that has been sitting in my work room gathering dust for about six years. The bulk of what I've done, though, has been maintenance: fixing bugs, adding features, updating old code. Currently at the top of my to-do list (apart from finishing my area—ahem) are overhauling the mail system and how doors work.

What is your role on Elephant MUD now?
Law Wizard, Guild Wiz for the Warmages and Core Programmer. What that means, I s'pose, is that I'm the only senior Wiz on during the day most of the time, so I try to keep an eye on things and make sure everything is running smoothly; that I look after the Warmages by tinkering with their spells and the Tower (sometimes they're even better off after I've finished); and that I help Larnen maintain and improve the infrastructure of the MUD.

Why Warmages?
Muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Erm, 'cause I'm a power-crazed loon who likes blowing things up?

Where do you see your role in Elephant MUD in another 9 years?
What a frightening thought. :) Eighteen years? Doesn't bear thinking about. You don't think I actually enjoy it, do you? :)

How much time each week would you say you spend on Elephant MUD?
It varies but usually between forty and fifty hours a week (mostly from work), at a guess.

What is your fondest Elephant MUD memory?
Probably the first time I logged on, actually. Larnen had said that if I wanted to be a Wizard, I'd have to do it properly and learn how to programme (I was a Classics undergraduate at the time and had hardly ever so much as looked at a computer), so rather than make me a Wiz straightaway, he created a rank below Apprentice for me, called Scholar, so I could see whether I wanted to do it. :)

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