Interview with who? - Cordelia Ka'Dracor

Cordelia Kal'Dracor is an Arch on Elephant Mud. She began life as an exuberant Cleric, her hair in red-ribboned bunches, who spent her time on Drakenwood Council standing behind a line of big scary adventurers shouting "Get Him!". 

Over the 8 years since then she has become an integral part of the Elephant Mud wiz ranks. Cordelia puts an astounding amount of time and energy into her various projects and duties on Ele. Life would certainly not be the same without her!

I caught up with her in her workroom and giving her pet gargoyle the odd pat she dutifully answered my questions.


What do you do for a living?
I'm European Online Community Manager for a whacking great, well known computer games publisher and even more specifically I work with a vast graphical MMORPG. I work out near Woking, in Surrey and commute there every day from North London, takes about 3 hours a day total. 

I'm possibly one of the lucky people who does adore their job and industry. I've taken to calling myself High Priestess of Information Circling. It's madness on a daily basis, and I do get to travel out to see other offices in different countries. While I hate flying, I love being able to meet so many people, and work with some astonishingly talented and inspirational people.

It's hard work, I get up at 6.30am and get home about 9pm at night, before logging straight into ele and catching up on workload there. Still, it's a far cry from my time writing letters that said 'No' in inventive ways for Demon Internet. :)

What is your favourite colour?
Deep green, I think. That kind of velvet dark green which is all leaves and

Who is your favourite band?
Oh, it changes on a regular basis, as I work on an 'obsessional' level. I've
been playing A Perfect Circle on repeat, Incubus, Type O Negative, Eve 6,
Sevendust, Chris Cornell and far too many more to expand upon. I guess Type O are a more consistent favourite than any of those so far. Brand new rotations include Placebo's new cd, Cold, and a recent New Model Army infatuation. 

How and when were you introduced to Elephant Mud?
I first created my character in January 1994, but my introduction to Ele was before then. I was at Middlesex University, and I met a guy. His housemates were all slightly insane, but I quite liked that. I was a big fan of text adventures from my ZX Spectrum days, and I worked out without looking too stupid that they were talking about something that resembled a text adventure - difference being - everyone you met was a real person. Wild concept to me back then. 

We all used to spend nights in the lounge, everyone talking till dawn about this place, Ele. The stories were all hysterical, full of daft scenarios and even dafter conclusions. I knew there and then it was going to dominate my life if I logged in. I managed to resist it for a little while, but then had to start Cordelia on her travels. 

I'm very glad I did. It did change my life, as I suspected it might. But for the better. Here I am 7 years later. Been a struggle, a fight, a party and a blast all rolled into one.

Interview with Cordelia: Part 2
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