In the Beginning...

It all began with Steve Harris in November 1991.

There I was, a mere babe in arms in my first year, sitting minding my own business, down in the Weeks Hall Bar at Imperial College, London, when up walks Steve. Steve and I knew each other reasonably well, and he was drummer in a band I was in for a while. On this occasion though, he didn't want to talk about drumming.

'Larnen' he said excitedly, 'check this out tomorrow!'. Handing me a scrap of rather crumpled paper, he proceeded to tell me about a strange world he had found 'on the computers' called 'Uglymug'. Thoughts of novelty beer containers sprang to mind, but I decided to listen on anyway. Slowly he related to me how it was a 'sort of role-playing/buildy/party/social thing, in which people from all over the country chatted to each other. 'And the best bit is, its free!'

Well the word 'free' did it. Next day I was there in front of an unfriendly UNIX prompt, clutching my scrap of paper and psyching myself up for my first excursion on to the Internet. Slowly I typed in the strange and seemingly meaningless command I had been shown:

'telnet snowwhite.cs.man.ac.uk 4201'

There was a pause. There was a longer pause (ahh, how I would come to know and hate the LAG beast, but for now it was 'just a pause'). But finally up scrolled a banner. UGLYMUG it proclaimed. And I, as instructed, picked a name and password. The name wasn't hard - I'd been called it for years anyway.

Thus Larnen appeared on the mud scene. The first communication I ever had from another person on a mud was:

Paging from Arena, Bonkern_Honkelkis says "type arena!"

The second was

Paging from The Happnin' Party Zone, Froggy says "dont! its a trap!"

Cute, eh? It all went downhill from there :)

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