Disaster Strikes!
And then a problem arose. Eldrytch wasn't perhaps doing as much work on his course as he should, and since Liam was his lab supervisor things began to get awkward. As it happened, Eldrytch wasn't spending much of his time on the Mud either, but as far as Liam could see, he was logged on often (this was normally me, you see). After a coursework deadline too many came and went, Liam decided that enough was enough and revoked permission to run the Mud on Chips!

Although it had been brewing for some months, when it happened it was a shock. We didn't have another site we could go to at that time; especially not one that was legal, and we were in some real bother. Just as things were getting desperate, help arrived from an unexpected quarter. Rhyder, one of the newish Wizards, had a temporary solution. He had a network connection from his halls of residence, and a 8 Meg 486 DX266 PC that we could run it on. Despite being less than ideal, the prospect of running on a PC under LINUX was infinitely better than having 'Elephant Mud - The Play By Mail Game' , and so we shifted over, leaving a program running on Chips explaining where we had moved to.

There followed an 'interesting' few weeks. Even with a stripped down set-up, which we were extremely grateful to Rhyder for doing, the Mud still began to falter with 20 or more players on, and it was painfully obvious that we needed to sort something else in the imminent future, or risk losing players, who were unwilling to put up with the lag. As an example of how bad it was, on some occasions combat had slowed to 4-7% speed! Nonetheless, Rhyder provided us with a means to keep our head above water during this interim period. Ele thus arrived in less than ideal conditions at its second site:

a24.cs.man.ac.uk 4444

Meanwhile the frantic running around looking for a machine was beginning to settle down, and delicate negotiations were taking place at what was to become our next site: Middlesex Uni.

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