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These days we run on a private machine with full permission of the owner and no politics attached. Being on a non-academic machine, we needn't worry about peculiar academic management passing odd laws or idiotic students getting us into trouble. Moreover, should anyone try and crash us now, well, they'd fail and there would be no political reasons not to throw the book at them :) Elephant Mud thus finally arrived at:


where it is to this day. You don't even need the '4444' any more - we now use the default telnet port (23)! It's a nice machine - a Sun Enterprise 250 with 512 meg RAM, and thus is quite happy with us on it. The network connection is improving every day and most of the lag people see nowadays if they are at an academic site is down to JANET (the Joint Academic NETwork) having such a poor link to the rest of the world.

Heffalump continues to run as a Wizard-only, development machine on:

Heffalump.elephant.org 4444

and we even have a number of backup dev' sites

So thats where we are, and now you know how we got here. At times it seemed balanced on a knife-edge, but we've always pulled through. My thanks must go to Eldrytch, to Rhyder, to Holborn, to Groggie and to Ornan for finding us new sites during some very awkward moments. Steve, the owner of our current site is owed a large 'thank you,' as are all the Wizards who have worked so hard to flesh out the Mud and build the world you play in.

Perhaps most of all though, thanks go to the many players who have stuck by us through thick and thin, through lag, crashes and the constant uncertainty of what the future holds. As much as anything else, you make us what we are, and it has been your support that has given us the enthusiasm to keep Elephant Mud running.


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