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First things first, our address is:

Some applications require a port number and sometimes in a different area. If so, the correct port number is 23. Many applications assume this as a default so you do not always need to specify it, for example Windows Telnet doesn't need it.

You connect to Ele Mud via something called Telnet. The simplistic version of events is that Ele is an online text based game, requiring a net connection. Telnet links your machine with Ele, and allows you to send commands from your machine, and Ele responds. Easy eh? You need to put the time honoured address:

Choose your tools...
With your net connection running, you have some telnet choices available to you. Ele is in colour, so you'll ideally need something which supports colour. Telnet applications come in many forms, but we've got this to offer.. Download one of these.

Basic Telnet
You probably have a something that will allow you to connect to telnet programes free with your chosen operating system. For example in Windows or Unix you can access this via the command line. Click HERE to launch yourself a telnet window and get cracking immediately.

Telnet Clients
Everything from glorified telnet programs to fully fledged Mud Clients are available on the 'net. Here is a selection of our favourites.

Putty for Windows (Free)
Very small and basic telnet and ssh client. Completely free to use

ZMud for Windows (30 day trial)
More complicated, but has more features, and designed specifically for connecting to a Mud.

TinyFuge for UNIX (Free)
Proclaimed as the best Unix client to be found anywhere.

Kmuddy for LINUX (Free)
Linux Mud Client

Rapscallion for Macintosh (Free)
A good free telnet client for Mac users!

Let us begin

Feel free to have a look round first, we have a Guest character set up for this purpose. You can log in as Guest and explore the town of Drakenwood, chat to other players and generally get a feel for the place so that you can be sure you choose the right name and guild when you start your new character.

But if you've got the character in your head and you know what name you wish to use, then it's time to meet new people, head out on quests and make a difference to your chosen guild..

At this point you may well have further questions, follow these links to find the answers:

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Newbie Guide

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