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During your first couple of visits to Elephant Mud you will find a Newbie Guide in your inventory, this contains all the basic information you'll need to get you started. We have reproduced that here to give you a head start! Don't forget that if you have any problems then a Guide or Councillor will be more than happy to help you!

* Useful Commands
* Useful Locations
* Hints and Tips

Useful Commands

Typing 'who' provides a full list of who is on the mud. The who list is ranked in the following order (Top to bottom):

Admin - The administrators of the Mud
Wizards - The people who help to build the Mud.
Nobles - The top characters on the Mud.
Level 20+ - High level characters.
Level 11+ - Mid Level characters.
Level 6+ - Low level characters.
Newbies - New Players.

'tell <name> <message>' - sends a private message to an individual character anywhere on the mud.
'say <message>' - sends a message to everyone in the room.
'newbie <message>' - sends a message to everyone listening in to the Newbie Line, a line especially for new players.

You can also talk and ask for help on your guild line (ie 'druid'). You can get more information on this by typing 'help communication' once in the MUD.

Typing 'look' on its own will show you your surroundings, 'look <item>' will show you what an item, monster or person looks like.

'finger <name>' gives you information about the player, including their name (if displayed), their characters marriage status and birthday, when they were last logged in and their web page url (if displayed). 'help finger' on the Mud will also tell you more.

If something is not working as it should, try asking a high level player or wizard, but if you DO find a bug use 'bug' to report it, and similarly 'typo'. For new ideas use 'idea' and where merited, there is a 'praise' command.

You will also find a list of other useful commands under 'help topics' which can be viewed once in the MUD.

Useful Locations

You first port of call should be the library, which can be found West, Down, West from the Hall of Newbies (where you start if you don't choose a guild during character creation) or 2 North, Northeast, 8 North, West from Aaron the Drakenwood Times vendor in the Drakenwood Market Square. The library contains the Mud rules and those of the Drakenwood Council as well as much other useful information. It is sometimes updated - and all players are expected to have read the books found in the library and be bound by the rules.

Map Room
Going north of the library will take you to the Map Room. In here you will find all sorts of useful maps of Drakenwood and the Western Realms.

Adventurers' Hall of Drakenwood
The Adventurers' Hall located West, Down, 2 South, 2 East from the Hall of Newbies is where you will find the Adventurers' Board and the List of Top Adventurers. The Adventureres' board is where you will find all important information, you should make sure you keep up to date with the posts on that board.

Keep Entrance
The entrance of the keep is situated West, Down, 4 South from the Hall of Newbies. From there you can make your way into the town of Drakenwood to explore or head off to Newbie Forest and gain some experience.

Going South, 2 East, Northeast, 2 North, East, Northeast, 2 East from the Keep Entrance will take you to NewbieGate, which opens out into Newbie Forest. Newbie Forest is the ideal place for a budding new adventurer to start gaining experience.

Malnar's Newbietorium
Located Northeast, North, Northeast, West from NewbieGate you will find Malnar's Newbietorium. Malnar will provide you, free of charge, with all the basic equipment you require to adventure safely in Newbie Forest.

Hints and Tips

You are an adventurer in the Western Realms, even as a newbie you are stronger and more experienced than the average peasant. Your ultimate aim is to make it to the dizzying heights of Noble. You gain experience by killing monsters and solving quests and deeds. How you go about this depends entirely on your chosen Guild, Race and what motivates your character.

As you gain experience you are able to train stats and skills, advancing up the levels and generally improving your playing abilities.

To get you started, follow this quick guide:

Join a guild
The guild you choose to join will shape the way you play the game. You may choose to be a magic user, fighter, follower of the Gods or a thief, whatever you choose, choose well, changing guilds is not easy. You can find a full list of the seven available guilds by visting our guilds section.

Get yourself some armour and weapons
The first thing to do is go and get some armour. Malnar's Newbietorium, which can be found just inside newbieland, is a good place to start. Malnar can satisfy all your basic kit requirements free of charge. As well as Malnar's there are many other shops around the Western Realms which will happily sell you a higher quality of kit. This will, however, cost you silver and as prices vary racially, it is a good idea to shop around.

A good adventurer knows when to run away
Always set your wimpy. This is a mechanism which causes you to run away when near death. For more information use 'help wimpy' (once on the MUD) - but around 50% to start off is a good amount. Too low and your limbs will be hacked off, too high and you'll spend all your time running away. You should also set a wimpy direction (wimpydir), this is the direction you will run in when you wimpy out of a fight.

Do not start something you cannot finish
'Consider' your enemies carefully before attacking them. Consider is an incredibly useful command when you are exploring new areas, it will tell you how well matched you are against your opponent. Most areas will be populated with roughly the same level monsters, so no nasty surprises in the newbie forest. Use it if you are not sure though, just to be on the safe side!

Keep yourself fit and healthy
Every battle takes its toll on even the strongest adventurer. To keep yourself fit and healthy you can replenish your hit points (hp) and magic points (mp) by eating or drinking. There are many places that will sell you food and drink around the Western Realms. To help you along while you are a newbie, there is a nice little resturant, known as the 'Hungry Squirrel' in Newbieland. You can either eat in or buy take away food here, and the costs are a little lower than elsewhere. It is also often useful to befriend a cleric, as they can heal you, regenerate lost limbs and even bring you back from death! There are many other sources of healing scattered about the Western Realms but you will have to find those yourself..

Other tips
Never idle somewhere public, you could end up being robbed or even murdered! 'help dying' might be worth a read when you get into the MUD.

In your journeys around the Western Realms you will encounter many Non Player Characters (NPCs) some of these may offer information or advice if you 'talk' to them. Others may have wares for sale or be able to set you off on a Quest, so it is often a good idea to take a proper look at any npcs you come across and try talking to them just in case.

Making money is often quite difficult to begin with. Buy a tanning kit from Malnar and use it to tan the skins of animals you kill in Newbie Forest. You can sell these for a nice amount of silver!

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