Character Creation

So you want to create a character on Elephant Mud? Well it really is very simple! The character creation process takes just 5 minutes, with help along the way, but we've also provided a step by step guide here for you just in case!

Character Development

Choose a name
Pick an online character name. This could be a nickname of yours, a fantasy name you make up on the spot, your grandmother's name, or anything you choose! Try and make it fantasy-genre orientated though, ater all, no one is going to do anything but laugh at Warmage Splurge, or Ranger Dave. You'll be asked to confirm that this is the name you want, in case you mispelt anything, or don't really want that one.

Add a password which you and only you know, and you'll be asked to confirm it. Choose something that's at least five characters long, don't pick something you use everywhere else, don't use something which you and your mates know, keep it personal and not easy to guess. You wouldn't want anyone logging in as you and getting your character into trouble now, would you?

Does your terminal support colour?
Elephant MUD makes good use of different colours, and while it's quite ok to play with everything in black and white, if you can support ansi colour that would be your best option. If you're using our Java client, a Telnet client like CRT or Mud client such as ZMud, and in fact an array of other telnet applications, put a y in there, for yes! If you aren't sure, don't worry, choose 'no' and you can change this option at a later date.

Choosing a gender
On Elephant Mud, your character doesn't have to be the gender you are. So you can make your character male, female or even neuter. If you do 'cross-gender' and choose something you're not, do try to keep up a good level of realism..

Valid E-mail address
Don't worry, we don't put you on ANY mailing lists or give it out to passers by or anything like that. It's for the Admin Wizards only, just so if anything happens we can email you and check it's really you, for example in case you lose your password etc.

Enter your real name
If you don't want everyone knowing your real name, you can block it from being seen a bit later on, so worry not. Again, it's only Admin that will see it,unless you choose otherwise (see next point).

Do you wish to hide your real-name?
If you wish to prevent your real-name and login location from being available to other players, please state so here. If you do block it, the only people able to view it will be Admin, who will not release it.

That's the basic stuff over with, lets get on with developing your character!

Character Customisation

Choose a race
Try to consider in advance what sort of character you're creating.. if you've got designs on being a scary large fighting type with an 8 foot sword, you might not want to pick faerie, for example.
There are 11 races to choose from on Elephant Mud.

Dwarf - Short, stocky humanoids of great courage and stamina
Elf - Ancient race of forest-dwellers renowned for intelligence
Faerie - Small, winged creatures with an aptitude for magic
Giant - Immense 10-foot tall humanoids, but slow and stupid
Gnome - Small, wise and intelligent folk with a mastery of magic
Half-elf - A cross-bred race with elvish wisdom and human diversity
Half-orc - A race cross-bred from humans and the brutish orcs
Halfling - Small and nimble folk, known for their irascible nature
Human - Most versatile of the races, who adapt to many conditions
Nymph - Incredibly beautiful and mysterious female seductresses

For full descriptions and pictures of each one visit our 'races' page. Or you can type 'help <race>' whilst at this stage when creating your character.

Choose a Guild
Two choices. 1) Join a guild now. 2) Join a guild later. If you join a guild now, you'll start in that guild, and off you jolly well go. If you don't you'll start in the Keep in Drakenwood Town next to a nice man called Loman who will be able to tell you a bit about the Western Realms. You can track down the guild hall of your choice later.

Either works, either is good. Just a matter of choice. If you want to know more about the seven guilds Elephant Mud has to offer, why, wander over to the Guilds section, and find out everything...

Choose your alignment?

Most adventurers start their adventuring careers with an open mind in the battle between Good and Evil, but it may be advantageous for some, especially Clerics and Rogues, to have a predisposition to one side or the other. Your alignment will change according to your actions in the game, though, so this section is optional.

If you decide that you do wish to choose your Character's alignment at this stage then you will be presented with the following three alignment choices.

Nice - You don't believe in hurting people
Neutral - You don't believe in hurting people - unless provoked
Mean - You don't believe in hurting people - unless it amuses you

Clerics should consider being 'Nice' and Rogues 'Mean'.

Do you wish to customise your stats now?
This isn't as complicated as it might seem. First off, you don't have to customise if you're not up for it. If you do want to, you get to spend the displayed amount of points, on your displayed stats. To up a stat by one, it costs you a certain number of points, displayed at the right hand side of the table.

Character Appearance

You can vary your character's appearance to suit your own imagination ... you can appear to be anything from a thin, wizened old human, to a tall elf with sparkling eyes and merry disposition!

You can choose to select your characters' appearance at this stage. If you choose not to then suitable defaults will be picked for you based on your chosen race. But be aware, you cannot change these defaults later!

The races of the Western Realms vary greatly in their height, from the short halflings to the towering giants. However, they have a lot of variety within their own races, so a tall dwarf could be almost as high as a short human.

Similarly to height, the weight of individuals can vary greatly. Warmages who grew up immersed in books tend to be thin and weedy, while perhaps the son of a rich merchant would be quite fat from the easy lifestyle they experienced.

The adventuring lifestyle is a wild one, and normal people are thrown into it from many different creeds and areas. You may choose to be anything from a young child to a venerable senior citizen, slaying dragons in your dotage

Hair Style
Of course, every heroic character needs to have a suitably dramatic hair-style, from an elf-maiden's long flowing tresses to a barbarian fighter's unkempt locks

Hair colour
What colour would suit this style? Would you like to be a flaming red-head, a blonde bombshell, or a thoughtful dark haired type?

Eye colour
People you meet will always notice your eyes when you are conversing with them, and it affects your overall appearance quite a lot. Why would this be any different on Elephant Mud?

Your eye colour is one thing, but it is the way you look people that reveals your character and attitude and whether or not you are to be trusted or avoided! Select the right gaze to represent your character.

Across the Western Realms, a wide variety of climates prevail, and people from areas have different skin complexions so you can select one that suits you!

And you're done! A brand new character all ready to enter the Western Realms and begin exploring.

Erm, what are YOU on about!?



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