Elephant Mud News from 2003

Glorious Colour
Eight years of Elephant Mudmeets have been lovingly brought together and displayed for your viewing pleasure. Masses of photos to rekindle memories of events that may have been a little more blurry at the time! It's fully searchable too! Check it out here. (18th October 2003)

Winter Mudmeet details announced
The Winter mudmeet is to be held on 22nd November 2003 at Ye Old Cock Tavern, Fleet Street in London. This is the last meet of the year and is set to be a good one! We hope to see you there. For more information visit the mudmeet page! (18th October 2003)

Connecting to Ele
The recent 'msblast' virus that has been circulating on the net unfortunately uses port 4444 for its nefarious purposes. While this has no effect on Ele, some ISP's and universtities may filter out traffic to and from port 4444 to help catch the virus before it can do any damage. If you are having problems connecting to Ele, this may be the reason why.

The fix is simple. Ele is also available on the default telnet port - 23. Thus if you are having problems, you can simply change your client to use port 23 instead of 4444 and all should be well. If you use 'telnet' to connect you can even leave off the port number as it is the default.
(19th August 2003)

Annivesary MudMeet
Elephant Mud celebrated its 10th birthday on the 12th of April 2003 in London. At 10 years old Elemud is still going from strength to strength and continues to be on of the longest running and most stable MUDs out there. This years birthday celebrations complete with party balloons and banners saw an excellent turn out, awards to be remembered and
(15th April 2003)

New Apprentices
Taking a very very deep breath (or two) the Admin of Elephant Mud have accepted the wiz applications of nine players to join the Immortal ranks as Apprentices. We would like to welcome onboard the following people:

* Gremlingirl - A hardened Monk Councillor and a woman with a mean eye for spelling mistakes. Her wizzing gives the wizard team a chance for some payback :)
* Gatwyck - Well known for his sharp sense of humour *cough* and affinity with nature. Gatwyck has served time on Council and produced two issues of the Daily Trumpet.
* Lan - Logging in from across the pond, he has represented the fighters on Council and has always been a keen and enthusiastic role player.

* Boromir - A Fighter through and through, Boromir is quietly considered and has spent time on Council as well as running the player side of the Drakenwood Times.
* Glyndwr - Returns from the mortal Realms to join the Wizard Team once again. Clearly once bitten is not twice shy in his case!
* Yautja - An old player, and recently Monk leader. He now casts of his mortal coil to join the ranks of the wizards.
* Hood - Has been around on ele in one way or another for many moons. As a Wizard his coding skills will be put to good use.
* Handy - A role player of skill. In her hay day she would strike fear into the hearts of any adventurer of evil alignment.
* Kelda - Spent time in many different guilds she has been on Council as both a Monk and a Cleric and has been an active mortal for years.

All this fresh blood can only be a good thing for Ele and we look forward to seeing what exciting development these new team members can bring to the Mud. For more information on the Wizard team on Ele checkout these pages. (23rd March 2003)

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