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Want to know what's going on? Flipped through that news on your last login? Don't read the important posts on the boards? Or just curious what on earth happens over at that Ele place? This is the section for you...

Healing receives a complete overhaul
Things will never be the same again.


Keeping out the cold: Rumors of a deserted keep hiding a deep dark secret gain strength.

Strange howling: Ramblings of a cold addled trapper or something more?

Stagecoaches: Timetable changes

Impending Doom? : Arrival of a Doomsayer hails hellish activity in Nottingham

Messages : Letters discovered on a carrier pigeon and a diary on a corpse.


Lets get together: A date for the Autumn Mudmeet is announced.

Promotion: Movers and shakers.

Election News: Results announced!

PkDay Winners : So, who's the top Pker?

Featured Website : Find out all about the white hoofed faerie.


'Are we nearly there yet?' Find out by asking the driver of your stagecoach, or the pilot of your ferry to tell you how much
journeytime is left!

The mudmail system has been updated and tweaked. Check out the help files when you're next in the post office!

Did you know that how you contact the Wizards has changed? See 'help contacts' for more information.

'Kill' works like other core commands (get, put, empty etc). You can 'kill all orcs', 'kill orc 2' or even 'kill all orcs except large orc'.

You can now set a 'marker' in your text so that you can easily
find what you're looking for!

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4th November 2006


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