What? There are Wizard Departments?

There are currently nine Deparments on Elephant Mud. All of them carry out vital and valuable work for the structure and continuation of EleMud.

It is all part of the organised structure and shows the extent to which the wizards go to ensure that EleMud is a great place to be, night or day.


The Approval team work very much behind the scenes and are not player facing. However, the job they do is invaluable on Elephant Mud. They are responsible for ensuring that areas, quests, items, monsters and indeed anything that goes online is of the high standard we pride ourselves on. They 'approve' everything from coding quality, through balance, to grammar. In essence they are quality control and game testers all rolled into one.

Head of Approval: Larnen
Approval Wizards: Stom, Dval, Prozac and Scarlet

Personnel do what it says on the tin. They are responsible for ensuring that everyone on Elephant Mud, Wizards and Players alike, are happy. It's their job to keep an ear to the ground and eyes open to make sure that we understand our player base as best we can. This department is responsible for most official wizard -> player communication, any questionnaires that we might carry out as well as keeping all the Wizards in line!

Head of Personnel: Tanith
Personnel Wizards: Kelda and Avn

The Documentation department are responsible for all the docs on Elephant Mud. This includes help documents, library books etc as well as lots of behind the scenes stuff that helps the Wizards with their jobs.

Head of Documentation: Azazel
Documentation Wizard: Quark and Moloch

Core Development
This is the scariest of all departments. Core deal in the arcane and dark arts of mudlib development. They can often be heard muttering in darkened rooms surrounded by a smell of smoke and the odd explosion. In seriousness, they are responsible for keeping the whole thing together. Over the years Elephant Mud has become far more stable and Mudlib changes are less common, but still important. It's not unreasonable to say that the Core Department keep the nuts and bolts of the Mud clean, working and well oiled.

Head of Core Development: Larnen

Events Management
Events are the life-blood of Elephant Mud. Events is what helps to make the Western Realms feel alive and active. The Events department run all sorts of fun in game things. Anything from Games Nights, seasonal fun and games and goblin raids to drake attacks.

Head of Events Management: Stom
Events Wizards: Tanith, Torallion, Handy and Usgreth

External Development
This department is responsible for this very web page, our external face and also for the promotion and marketing of Elephant Mud.

Head of External Development: Tanith

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