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On Elephant Mud, the guild represents the way of life you will choose for your character in a world that simulates a reality of ancient fantasy. Each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, but balance overall. Some may be weaker at low levels, but make up for it at higher, some may be weak in defence but powerful in offence.

Fighters are strong and muscled types. They are strong and brave, and can take great damage before being forced to leave the melee. While not well known for their intelligence, they are extremely well known for their strength and power when it comes to hacking things to pieces.

The Fighter Guild

Monks are Bruce Lee types. Swift and surprisingly powerful, they know the martial arts and unarmed combat. They have knowledge of the internal power of Ch'i, which they can harness to strengthen them.

The Monk Guild

Warmages are psychopaths with a spellbook. Delighting in the use of magic, they will happily pore over tomes better left unread in their pursuit of power. They are pitifully weak at low levels, and even when they wield a measure of power, their low hit points makes their existance precarious at best.

The Warmage Guild

Clerics are faithful to the Drakenwood Church. They can raise the very dead, and cure the lame and injured. They are very stong in defence with the ability to cast magical armour as well as wear physical armour. With a blunt weapon wielded, and Gods listening, scorning a Cleric is a bad move.

The Cleric Guild

Rogues are self-serving thief types, who steal and backstab to get ahead. Nonetheless, they are far less likely to get caught in traps and often don't need to bother with keys, as locks are no problem to them. Their ability to move with stealth sometimes allows them to sneak past monsters without being seen.

The Rogue Guild

Druids live in and love the outdoors. They can manipulate nature and the elements to their needs, and are generally kind folk to those who do not despoil their surroundings. Indoors, their powers are somewhat weaker, but in a deep forest, or under an open sky, a druid is a force to be feared.

The Druid Guild

Rangers are the people of the forest. They live off the fruits of the forest, help out animals in need and feel more at home amongst the trees than the tall buildings. Rangers are skilled hunters and trackers. They are also proficient in the ways of animals.

The Ranger Guild

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