Who are the people of this place then?

Elephant MUD has a level structure, both for its players, and for the Immortals of the Western Realms - the Wizards.

This section is dedicated to those mortals and Immortals who make Ele what it is. The Immortals for their work towards creating and overseeing the MUD, and from the player ranks, the Guild Leaders and Council Members...

So, here are your choices, but do choose wisely. Immortals may be watching.

Who is God* then?
Who are the Wizards**?
Who are the Council and what do they do?
So there are wizard Departments?
What's this I hear about Newspapers?
What is a 'Who List', exactly?
You all get together at Mudmeets?
How do I connect?
What's all this about different Races?

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Definitely the Interview with Azazel...
Maybe the Interview with Cordelia...
Or even the Interview with Larnen...

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*Occasionally people snigger at someone being a God of somewhere. Ask yourself a question - how would you cope being utterly responsible for somewhere which breathed and existed, and was played day after day by many? Or failing that, ask yourself another question - do you like your kneecaps?

**Naturally some people would debate whether 'Wizards' count as important people. Such people generally find their limbs mysteriously fall off while meandering about in the Western Realms, and thus can safely be ignored while they bleed to death.

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